Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

“Our members trusted superannuation fund providing quality services and financial security.”

Mission Statement

“Using our people, we will provide world class members services using innovative systems and technologies. We will also grow member retirement savings using a balanced fund portfolio to achieve a return above CPI over a rolling 5 year period." 

Value Statement

  • Customer service is our first priority.
  • We rely on teamwork to achieve our goal.
  • We will treat each other with trust, respect, consideration and courtesy.
  • We will operate with honesty and integrity.
  • We will never turn a blind eye to corruption of any kind.
  • The efficient use of time will be encouraged.
  • Skill level, progress and contribution will be encouraged and rewarded.
  • We will be responsible for our actions.
  • We will provide necessary training and equipment.
  • We will include necessary people in decision making.
  • We will empower people to make and carry out decisions.
  • There will be opportunities to learn the whole superannuation philosophy and processes.
  • We learn from mistakes so that we can improve NASFUND and grow.
  • We will communicate NASFUND activities and results.
  • We will do what we can to support community without impacting on members’ funds.
  • We will always protect the reputation of NASFUND by ethical behaviour.
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